Acclaimed designer Alon Zakoot loves exploring a building's personality, and he takes it quite literally.

When you visit one of his designs, whether it is a commercial, mixed-use or residential space, you will feel the presence of the space: inspired, livable, prestigious, and uniquely it's own. Zakoot's designs evoke as sense of character that is not intended for the average homeowner, with some disregard to conventional design theories.  "The standard rules of design don't apply [in his work]. I want to create an authentic exploration rather than an attempt to check all the right boxes. The space should speak to you." 

Zakoot hopes to build spaces where owners enjoy and explore every corner, not force the mind to concentrate on one stark feature. Much like getting to know a new person, you appreciate the bizarre intricacies and distinct traits most. When it comes to residential designs, Zakoot believes that "a home will choose it's owner, and we are fooling ourselves to believe it is the other way around. Not everyone will like all of my designs, and not everyone should... You need to find a home that uniquely speaks to you. It may be a reflection of who you are or, perhaps, who you want to be."

After viewing his designs, we get the feeling Alon isn't just a designer, but rather, a matchmaker.


Alon Zakoot has a 25+ year background in design, development, entitlement, construction, and staging. His unique array of experience lets him predict the next stages from the very beginning. He is always anticipating the steps ahead and this ability results in spaces that are both cohesive and interesting.

Zakoot is also an avid traveler, which continually inspires him to create truly exceptional, boutique experiences. Born in Isreal and currently living in Los Angeles, his life-long travels span much of 5 continents and continue to influence his designs. Zakoot incorporates greenery and an indoor-outdoor feel in many of his homes, especially within his signature bathrooms. The spaces he creates are a tranquil, signature-spa retreat, ultimately allowing you to escape on a zen vacation all without leaving home.